Alimentary Induced Diseases

What is an Alimentary Induced Disease?

An Alimentary Induced Disease means simply that you are ill due to food.

If your food, drinks, but also your soap, shampoo or creams are incompatible for you, these will cause a cascade of immunological reactions leading first to acute mild and or severe Non-Systemic manifestations and finally to acute and severe Systemic manifestations and chronic diseases.

This is why we call these diseases Alimentary Induced Diseases, shorthen to AID.


Which diseases are Alimentary Induced? 

Alimentary Induced diseases concern a wide scale of diseases, syndroms, manifestations and phenomena *1), we do see and treat in hospitals and GP clinics.

*1) phenomena means you suffer from certain manifestations we cannot clearify or explain what it is.  Phenomena as seeing aura´s, strange feelings in the skin like ants are crawling underneath the skin. But also temporary manifestations as aphasia (you know the word but cannot pronouce it), agrafia (loose the ability to write), ataxia (coordination disturbance causing difficulty to walk) or apraxia 8not able to carry out certain handlings and become emotional). 

In meanwhile the list is that long, we cannot even list it, but we try to:
Skin diseases as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, fungus of skin and nails) to lung diseases (astma) and autoimmune diseases like Diabetes Mellitus type 1 insulin-depending and type 2, Metabole syndrom, RA, Hashimoto, Graves. And from neurological diseases as headaches, migraines, Trigemius Neuralgy to psycho from moodswings to depression, anxiety and fear, stress hypersensitivity, nervousness, ADHD, ADD, PDD-NOS, Asperger and to psychiatric disorders as psychoses, schizofrenia, automutilation, borderline and autism spectrum and compulsive disorders and addictions

Ear problems as deafness, tinnitus, oversensitivity for noise (hypercusis), balance-disturbances as vertigo, Meniere to all kinds of eye diseases as seeing floaters / mouches voulantes, cataract, glaucoma and increased Intra Oculair Pressure, keratoconus, macula degeneration (dry and wet form), conjuctivitis, blepheritis, uveitis, pan-uveitis.

Even in patients with Parkinson, Alzheimer and MS we have seen such remarkle results, and even reversible processes. We have also seen very hopeful results for Amyotrophic Lateraal Sclerose (ALS), as our first patient came to us in 2005, and since that moment he did not have a relaps. So rewarding.
Just incredible and all caused by food, drinks and soaps and creams!

Which nutrients are causing an Alimentary Induced Disease is for everybody different and unique, as you are unique.
We are unique because our DNA is unique.
On your DNA you inherite your incompatibilities and your enzymprogramme with its enzym-recipes, how to produce your enzymes also your enzymes for digestion.
At moment of conception you already received some incompatibilities, but this can happen too in the uterus by the placenta passing from mother to fetus.

In case you did not inherite the total enzymprogramme with all its recipes to produce your enzymes, there is another problem, you are not able to digest concerning nutrients, first leading to Leaky Gut Syndrom and deficienciesand. In a Leaky Gut Syndrom undigested particles will leak into the body, your immunesystem gets into panic and will put a tag on the surface of such nutrients and in this way you created an incompatibility yourself, this can happen during your whole life.

Each person can have different incompatibilities, from oranges to coliflower or chicken egg white or yolk, hence in that sitaution such egg-protein based vaccinations will cause immunological reactions that can lead to severe manifestations and can even be fatal.

Unfortunately National Health Departments do not take our research and outcomes seriously but concerning parents ofcourse are sure about what happned to their child and do place their awfull story on internet and social media to share and to warn other parents. That situation will be explored by antivaxxers, as they are in principle again vaccinations, and they feel supported and do create even more fear by adding nonsense and lies about vaccins.
This reason why we notice that more and more people who do not want to have their childeren vaccinated, as they are freighted for uncertainty, this is causing dramas for new born babies who are still too young to be vaccinated.

We need to be transparant, our government is obliged to be transparant. If we do test all new born babies instantly at birth with umbilicus-blood, we know exactly which baby can have a standard vaccin or sneed a DNA Recombinant obtained vaccin to prevent such reactions. Such a DNA recombinant obtained vaccin is a little bit more expensive, but we can save lives and then we will regain trust of parents in vaccins again. As vaccination is the best way to prevent our childeren and ourselves.

Another person can have incompatibilities to all kinds of vegetal nutrients like olives so also olive oil or sunflower seeds so also sunflower oil, and they can only use animal fats for cooking and frying.  But our Health Departsment do promote vegetal products, they claim that these are healthier so better for everybody, but our scientific research proved though that is not the truth, not for everybody.

Is this new medicine?
No certainly not, as Hippocrates told us yet 2400 years ago, quote: ¨let food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food´, unquote.

 ¨ Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food¨ 


How does an Alimentary Induced disease begins? 

All we eat and drink needs to be cutted into small particles by digestive-enzymes, step by step.
These digestive-enzymes we produce mostly ourselves by having a recipe how to produce such an enzym.
Some enzymes we are only able to produce in collaboration with good gutbacterias, so if you lack these gutbacterias (after you had a antibiotica cure!) you are not able to produce that particulair enzym.

This is for example the matter with enzym lactase*2) .
So if you do not have the good gutbacterias you fail to produce lactase, and then you are not able to cut so not to digest lactose in milk.
That will cause first some mild Non-Systemic manifestations as burping, hiccups or bloates feelings in the stomach area but when you keep taking in milk or milk products like cheese, milky desserts or whipped cream, it will cause a Leaky Gut Sysndrom and all undigested food particles with bacterias and fungus species from the gut will  leak into your body.
Your immunsystem will be in panic and will activate an immunological cascade, leading to a Systemic disease.  Which disease?  On your DNA is written where in your body or head you have to store which incompatibilties, and that is causing that specific disease. That is reason why we see whole families suffering from eczema and later asthma, because on their DNA was written that these incompatibilities have to be stored first in the skin, your doctor will prescribe a corticoid cream locally and all incompatibilties will be placed elsewhere,  in your family in the lungs. casuing asthma

And in other families it will stored in another part of body or head and brains, causing other diseases.

*2) Only people of Caucasian Race have partly the ability to produce an enzyme – lactase- to break-down – lactose- a protein in animal milk, as only they received such a recipe on their DNA, so discovered dr. Ilja Iljitsj Metsjnikov (1845 to 1916). He was a Russian physician, microbiologist and scientist and did won Nobeñprice for Fysiology and Medicine in 1908 for this discovery.
Winning a Nobelprice is very unique, so this knowldegde is proved to be very important.
Metsjnikov discovered that people without such a recipe on their DNA, are never ever able to digest any animal milk nor its milkproducts, only some people can if it is partly digested by fermentation as in Bulgarian yogurt.

Where did you read this on the label of your dairy products in your supermarket?


                                  Complement cascade; routing how you get an Alimentary Induced Disease



Which diesease you are prone to, we cannot tell, but more and more scientists do research to find that answer.

But what then? If you get the information that you are prone for a certain disease however you cannot avoid it, because you still do not know the cause, so which food, drinks or soaps and shampoos you need to use and which to eliminate.  We concider that information though as creating fear without a solution.

Crucial is that you know which substances are incompatible to you, then you can avoid these and keep yourself healthy, whatever you are prone for on your DNA. As no contact to incompatibities means no diseases, whatever you are prone to. So simple it is.



We are made to regenerate, each cell has a certain life time, one cell only 120 hours (intestine cells) and other cells 120 days (red blood cells).
But if you come into contact with incompatibilties you will degenerate faster than you can regenerate, you will notice it, you feel worse and worse by getting older.
Its is your age they say, but is that true?

You get pains in your body and head, in your spine, hips, knees, shoulder, wrists and other joints, you will become less flexible and more stiff, and finally you get osteo- arthritis (artrose).

But what if you are able to regenerate faster than you degenerate, then you will become better, become more flexible, have no more pains no more osteo-arthritis (artrose), impossible you think?
We bring you the good news, it is possible with the Medisynx Method, yes you can!

Indeed only a few doctors, clinicians or therapists are going to inform you about this, others deny or do show derisive laughter about it, why? ….  maybe because they have an other interst….



                                                  Location where to place your incompatibilities is written on your DNA
That is the reason why some diseases occur relatively more in some families, like eczema and asthma,
conform it is 
written on their DNA, even before they were born.