BASIS Tests and Laboratory

BASIS Tests and Laboratory

Medisynx Laboratory

In Medisynx Laboratory we do have a fantastic team, all certified professionals with a passion for their job.
In Medisynx Laboratory we always carry out our work under conditioned circumstances, to warrant reliable equal outcomes (S.D. 0,02%) day by day, year after year.
However very exceptional in Lab-Land.
This means that our tests are reproducable, crucial for a reliable outcome and a criteria for solid scientific studies.

We will take a little bit of blood from you (vein) to send to our laboratory.
During 10 working days we perform all immunological assays that is necessary to define your enzym-deficienties and your incompatibilities and your compatible nutrients, additives and E-numbers.

With obtained testresults we are able to set you on an individual well-balanced diet.
In collaboration with our dieticiens, they will monitor you, we are able to warrant that your diet is well-balanced and will not lead to deficienties.

We are informing your physiciens and GP, and request them to monitor you intensively, to check if and when it is neccesary to reduce or adapt your medication.
We will ask them to notice your results, as finally we will publish these results, always anonymus.



          Medisynx laboratory


BASIS Tests are carried out under fully conditioned circumstances, concerning constant temperatures, gasses, light and tremblings.
We define all immunological reactions of your immunesystem to a wide scale of nutrients, additives and E-numbers.
All tested nutrients are cultured, grown, harvest and processed by our own, as they have to be sustainable without toxins.

The tested meat of animals and fishes are from our own farms, to warrant highest criteria of animal-care and healthy animals, living spaciously or freely under the best circumstances.
All these high standards criteria make our tests to a valuable precious test.

Medisynx is a Non-Profit organization, we deliver all our tests for costprice.
Our patients do pay only a small part of the total costprice, as our foundation will pay a substantial part of the total costs, as long as our scientific research is going on.
We are very happy as in this way our tests are afordable for our patients

Example of a Test result, it is simple and clear in colours:
Class 0 in green: this is a compatible nutrient
Class 1 in black: this concerns an enzym-deficiency
Class 3 and 4 in orange and red: this is an incompatibility

We carry out following BASIS Tests:

  • BASIS Plus Test                                 (374 nutrients + Candida albicans)
  • BASIS Baby Start Up Test *1)       (  93 nutrients + Candida albicans)
  • BASIS Baby Follow Up Test *2)   (281 nutrients )
  • Candida albicans retest *3)          (by ELISA and Diffusion Technique method)


*1) BASIS Baby Start Up Test is carried out by umbilicus blood, at moment of birth, and under condition parents accept to carry out BASIS Baby Follow Up Test at 8th month, to warrant a well-balanced diet for a good health.

*2) BASIS Follow Up Test will be carried out at 8 th months, when the immunesystem is mature. 

*3) Candida retest can only be applied for in case you particpated our BASIS Plus Test or BASIS Baby Follow Up Test before.


Our BASIS Test is not an Allergy-test nor a Intolerance-test nor any other food-test.

In The Netherlands insurances do compensate Medisynx treatments in case of such a polis/contract.
Please take up contact with your insurance company and do inform them about the significant health results of Medisynx Method.


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