Medisynx Method

Medisynx Method

Medisynx Method is developped by Medisynx , it concerns a combination treatment method.

We offer our treatments in collaborating clinics worldwide.

Development of Medisynx Method
Since 1983 step by step we developped Medisynx Method, based on objective results of our patients in preliminary research.
Until today we have tested and treated more than 3 million of patients worldwide with significant healthresults.
Very rewarding, especially because some of our patients do suffer seriously as there was no curative treatment available yet.
That makes that we are very proud on our team with these significant health results.

Medisynx Method consists of:

1.  individual diet based on testresults of BASIS Plus Test, a broad spectrum immunological bloodtest

2. two or more individual acupuncture treatments  based on Medisynx Methode

BASIS Plus Test
BASIS Plus Test is a broad spectrum immunological bloodtest to nutrients to determine incompatibilities.

During 10 days we perform a wide scale of tests to all immunological reacties in relation to a number of nutrients, additives and E-numbers.
The test results will provide us a clear view which food nutrients are compatible hence will be healthy for you to take in daily, or which food nutrients have to be taken in rotation as we determined an enzymdeficiency and which food nutrients are incompatible to you, for lifetime, so these will cause a cascade of immunological reactions and make you ill.

Testresults will be shown in 4 classes in different colours, green, black, orange and red, so at a glance you will see if a nutrient is compatible or incompatible to you.



Class 0 in green

These nutrients are compatible to you, these are allowed to take in daily or come into contact with every day.
These are shown in green in Class 0.

Class 1 in black
These nutrients concern an enzymdeficiency, and have to be taken or come into contact with in rotation only.
These are shown in black in Class 1.

Rotation means that you are allowed to take in or come into contact with once in 5 days, to prevent your immunesystem will tag*1) this nutrient and when it will be tagged it becomes an incompatibility for lifetime, so a forbidden nutrient and cannot be taken in or come into contact with never ever again, for the rest of your life.

*1) tagging means your immunesystem will detect and place a ´flag´ – this is an enemy- on its surface and whenever you come into contact with such a nutrient again your immunesystem will immediately activate a cascade of immunological reactions, causing manifestations and healthproblems, you will become ill.


Class 2,3 and 4 in orange and red
These nutrients are incompatible for you, and cannot be taken or come into contact with for the rest of your life.
These will be shown in orange (class 2) and red (class 3 and 4)

These are incompatibilities and are not allowed to be taken in or come into contact with by skin, lungs or eyes. If you come into contact with such an incompatibility you get manifestations, inflammations, get tired and become ill.

BASIS Plus Test: we test more than 370 nutrients: all kinds of vegetables, lettuces, beans and pulses, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs, meats, fishes, seasfruits, eggs (chicken white and chicken yolk, quail, goose and duck) cereals with gluten (wheat, spelt, rye, oat, kamut, emmer) and glutenfree cereals (rice, Buckweat, quinoa, Teff, cassave), seperately we test gluten and gliadin,  milk of several animals (cow, goat, sheep, mare, camel) and milproducts of several animals (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo), vegetal oils, coffee, several teas (black tea, white tea, green tea and flower teas) , backing yeast, beer yeast, sweeteners natural (maple sirop, aguave) and artificial (aspertam) honey mix,  additives in food and E-numbers.  See list: BASIS Test Nutrients in menu.
Only it this way we can put you on a well balanced diet to be certain it will not lead to deficiencies.

With this complete list of compatible nutrients you are able to prepair a delicious meal, as eating has to be a party time still!


N.B. BASIS Plus Test is NOT an Allergy-test nor an Intolerance-test .
BASIS Plus test in an unique test and cannot be compaired to any other bloodtest whatsoever, be aware for ´fake´.

Acupuncture treatments 
Acupuncture treatments according Medisynx Methode are especially developped to treat a scala of acute and chronic diseases, and manifestations of body and head.

At first consult we will ask you about your manifestations you would like to come to us, to define if these are certainly induced by food, and if these manifestations are
Non-Systemic or yet Systemic*2)

In case of Systemic manifestations and diseases you need minimal two acupuncture treatments to recover, our Medisynx acupuncture treatments are crucial to get better.

*) Systemic diseases and manifestations means that  incompatible nutrients did leak from your smallintestine through the intestine-wall into the body into the systemic. We speak about a Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS), as the permeability of your intestine wall did increase and undigested nutrients together with gut-bacterias and fungus species did enter your body causing health problems and cascade of immunological reactions. Your immunesystem has to come into action immediately you will become tired, get all kinds of manifestations and become ill, first acute later chronically.
A healthy intestine is semi-permeable, your system is able to decide which nutrients you will absorb or not, selective absorption thus.

In Medisynx clinics we always use sterile thin Sterling silver needles, placed into skin, sometimes you will feel a litlle prick shortly, but in minutes after you will not feel anything anymore. This is because when there is a lot of pressure in that part of the body, entering the needle you will feel it, but as soon as the pressure is out it feels relaxed.

During treatment, minimal 1 to 1  1/2 hour you will feel the change happening, a relaxation, your head will be more clear, your vision will be clear and sharper, your hearing will be better any tinnitus will be gone. And after the treatment you will feel the big change, no more pains, a flexible back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and joints, totally fit and full of energy. With your individual diet you will also become at the right weight, that is a weight that is written on your DNA and  corresponding with your body structure. As you know exactly how much you need to take in, you will feel exactly when you did eat enough and feel happely satisfied.

Medisynx acupuncture works on the whole immunsystem to remove all stored incompatibilities to specific exit-organs: from spleen to liver to large intestine exit with your poo and in water soluble wastes from spleen to kidneys and blatter secred with your urine.
As during many years these incompatibilities leaked into your body and are stored in all parts of your body, head and brains, causing specific manifestations at that specific location.

Medisynx acupuncture is able to direct your immunesystem, to remove these incompatibilities, as waste.
Medisynx discovered by their scientific research that it is possible to promote and activate the lymfatic-system to drain all incompatibilities by your lymfatic system and lymfatic organs: from glands to spleen and then to your secrete organs liver/large intestine (poo) and kidneys/blatter (urine) to the toilet.

Your immunesystem has undergone a reset and becomes ´easy and peacy´, in this way we resore your homeostasis and deactivate your cascade of immunological reactions, all biomedical processes are working optimal again. Instantly you will feel the big difference.

Simply said we are able to clean you totally inside, from top to toe and if you will keep yourself strictly to your diet you will stay clean.

At 2nd appointment we will ask you about your results to check if this is according expectations and we will carry out a second acupuncture treatment.
Depending of type, stadium or degree of your disease you need two or more treatments. We will make appointments after 3, 6 or 12 months and then yearly to follow you up and to for maintenance treatment, as unfortunately now and then you will probably make a mistake.

N.B. Medisynx acupuncture cannot in any way be compaired to standard classical or traditional acupuncture, as those treatments do only work locally to one manifestation and do not act on the immunesystem nor lymfatic system, hence cannot provide a total reset of homeostasis.