Scientific Research

Scientific research


Our scientific research and clinical research 

Since 1983 we carry out our scientific research to Alimentary Induced Diseases, as this is a new field in immunology.

Based on objectives of preliminairy human results of our patients own clinicians we were able to develop step by step Medisynx Method.
In 2011 we were ready for a next step, a solid designed study.

From 2012 Р2014 we carried out a solid study in collaboration with renowed professors of Wageningen Universiteit Research (WUR) and independant veterinarian Annelies van Tilburg (sadly she passed away on 26-1-2014) with the most solid study design: randomized, double-blind, split-sample, retroperspective study on dogs with Non-Systemic diseases,  as acute and mild allergic skin reactions (eczema and pruritus), otitis media (ear infections), mental- and behaviour problems (as hyper behaviour, lazyness, fear, nervous or aggressive behaviour, biting incidents, no cleanliness in the house, back-, muscle- and tendons problems) and more.

In august 2014 we published our significant results of the study in an Open Access scientific magazine ‘International Journal of Biology, Veterinary, Agricultural and Food Engineering’ Vol: 8 , No:7, 2014.

Link to publication:

We did  carry out our study on dogs on purpose, to exclude placebo effect and to make it possible to carry out retroperspective research too.
We choose a dog, as we discovered that dogs do have the most comparing immunesystem to us humans, concerning the hierarchy of immunesystem and cascade of immunological reactions [25]. Our obtained results were exactly conform our expectations and correspond (similar) to our human preliminairy research.

Our manuscript ‘Serological IgG Testing to Diagnose Alimentary Induced Diseases and Monitoring Efficacy of an Individual Defined Diet in Dogs’ showed significant results¬† that we are allowed to conclude that an individual diet based on testresults of Medisynx Method, for dogs this is about Medisynx IgG Dog Test, is a curative and preventive intervention (treatment)

We found that 76% of dogs in study did have a Systemic Candidiasis, determined by a relatively high titer class 2,3 and 4 levels) .

Systemic Candidiasis means that a specific fungus Candida albicans has become systemical by entering the body, through the intestine wall, partly also due to a
Leaky Gut Syndrome.

We also concluded that a Systemic candidiasis in dogs will relay recover in time, as Candida albicans has a high influence to immunesystem also in dogs, according in humans.

We do carry out all our test under conditioned circumstances, that means all circumstances are always the samen concerning temperature, light, oxygen and gasses, vibrationless) by same handlings by super-trained staff. In this way we were capable to carry out Split-Sample analyses *1) to be able to obtain exactly the same testresults, within a S.D  <0,02 % SD (Standard Deviation). A big achievement in Lab-Land.

Not to forget to mention that we needed to take out three dogs from study, as their testresults showed they had incompatibilities to all sorts of meats, had only compatibilities to 3 kind of fishes, but is it possible to put a dog on a fish-diet only? As we doubted, for that reason we needed to take them out of the study. No risks.

The good news is yes they can, as these dogs are doing fine on such a diet of only fish, they recovered totally.
In meanwhile we have tested these three dogs again with our new extended MD Dog Test and found some meats they do can eat, lucky dogs.





Medisynx Clinical Research 

In collaborating with clinicians and therapists worldwide we have tested and treated more than 3 millions of people.

Their health results were significant, soon they were healthy again, fit, full of energy and came on the right weight by Medisynx Method.
These results are based on objectives (blood values, scans) of their own clinicians and testimonials of the patients.

Objectives like HbA1c value of Diabetes Mellitus patients or TSH and FT4 values in Hypothyroid patients or urine tests of albumin and proteins, or organ functional tests like form heart and lungs, and scans MRI or PET or endoscopies like colonscopy.

In this way we were able to prove that asma patients had a better lungfunction is they did their diet strictly, soon they were able to reduce their medication to zero and do not need their medication anymore.

Our Rheumatic Artritis (RA) showed normal blood values to inflammation, they reported that they did not have pains anymore and enjoyed their flexible joints

Our ADHD patients reported that they we were now able to concentrate, to read long texts, no more dyslexy, a much better memory and enjoyed to have such a nice and quiet head and body. Reported that they were much more capable to their work and study, could work more efficiently without beeing tired, or good marks at school.

For many years we did collect all the results, we are going to publish these clinical results soon, to inform you.

Our patients are already convinced that it is an effective treatment, now you.

But there is a but, science forces us to carry out scientific randomized trials (RCT) as we did in our dog study, and that cost a lot of money, and we are Non-Profit, so we are fully depending on gifts and donations, for that reason we need you, please would you be so kind to support us financially, as together we can achieve a lot……