Topsport demands the maximum of your body but also mentally, though the mindset of a Topsporter has to be quite strong.

Tension and stress during qualifications and matches, relaxations in between and after, keep beeing focussed on your goal, working up disappointments and set-backs, and not to forget psychological ´wars´of your competitors, to stand these you have to be mentally strong.

A top performance is for that reason only possible when your homeostasis of your body and brain is perfect and that can only be reached by a diet of compatible food and compatible nutrients based on Medisynx Method.
You know we are all unique cause our DNA is unique, hence also our enzym-digestion-programm and immunesystem is just as that unique too.
Though what can be healthy food for one can be very unhealthy food for another.
Best food is much more than a calculation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and a shovelful of vitamins and minerals.
For that reason a general diet can never ever be effective for everyone.

Incompatible food will initially lead to short mild manifestations but after some time it will certainly lead to more permanent features, chronic injuries and even chronic diseases and DNA changes.
You as topsporter will be having more and more injuries for a longer period, carrying out a full and intensive trainingsschedule is not possible any more, physiotherapy treatments become an endless story.

Incompatible food will also lead to mental weakness, you get more and more worried, doubting your body can handle it, getting a puzzle-head or a misty head, sometimes you cannot relax nor fall a sleep, become more and more sad or even depressed and or anxious, or even become superstitious searching for sometimes even ridiculous rituals.  You do all to try to keep the mind set as much as possible.
No doctor or psychotherapist will ever explain to you that such state of conmdition or mind is due to your incompatible food, just because they lack this knowledge.

We, members of Medisynx Team, know that for a long time yet and we can fully explain why this happens, as we have seen these consequences what incompatible food led to in our patients for many years.
But the good news is that we have seen them changing to healthy and mentally strong persons soon after we have put them on a balanced diet of compatible food. So simple it can be.

We have brought many topsporters to the top yet, often even to gold, but logically they keep that quiet, as their competitors are watching and listening too.
Ofcourse we will not deny this knowledge for you, we look forward to guide you to the top in your sport too.

Do you want to reach the top in your sports too?
Let us help you to get a topcondition so that you are ready for top performances too.
We only need a little bit of your blood and with the test results of Medisynx BASIS Plus Test we will set you on a balanced individual compatible diet and by a couple of acupuncture treatments we will clean up your lymfatic system to be able to reset your immunesystem to get in a perfect shape. We will follow you up to the top too.