Leonie and Celissa van Keulen

Leonie van Keulen (51 years at start therapy) secretarian and very ill and disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). ¨I had no more perspective in life, day by day my quality of life became less and less, no medication that could help me. But fortunately I heard about Medisynx Method now 14 years ago and since then I am better and have more energy then ever. My mobility came back, able to walk and use my hands and fingers again, so an enormous perspective for a quality of life.

My daughter Celisssa van Keulen (18 years by then) followed me to Medisynx soon after, as she really suffered due to Schizofrenia, hearing voices in her head, psychoses and automutilation, whereby she did cut herself in her skin in arms and legs, ADD and severre mood swings that could change her in a split second from a nice lovely girl into an aggressive person. Only by 3 acupuncture treatments and her personal diet, she cured almost instantly with a beautiful future as she was able to graduate at school and found a responsable job in a hospital.
We both are convinced about the effectiveness of Medisynx Method, this SUPER THERAPY of MEDISYNX brought us quality of life and happiness. We do owe them so much and are grateful to share our results with you´

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