Sandra van de Hoven and Christien ten Berge

Christien ten Berge (61 jaar at start therapy), Audit and administration office. ´Since my childhood I suffered of migraines and chronic cystitis, needed to take in heavy medication daily, that undermined my joy in life and to carry out my work at my office and at home was a drama. But I was so lucky to hear from Medisynx Method, I saw unbelievable health results in my family and instantly knew this is my solution, I want this Medisynx treatment too.  Since then, now 12 years ago,  I never ever had migraines nor cystitis ever again, and even more than that, as later I discovered I had even much more problems and manifestations from what I thought these are normal in life, but since then I know it is not. I enjoy life to the fullest with my children and grandchildren, feel myself still young able to play with my grandchildren´

Sandra van de Hoven (42 years) she declares “finally a life without pain and aches, how perfect it can be´.

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