Patient Foundation

Patient Foundation

At 9th of february 2009 enthousiastic patients founded a ANBI*1) acknowledged Patient Foundation┬á named – Anne-Margre Vink en Hippocrates Stichting -.

*1) ANBI: an official by Dutch Government and TAX Department acknowledged Foundation, to collect funds taxfree and not need to pay taxes.

The goal is to collect funds for their websites to inform and to support patients worldwide, to share their knowledge with governments and insurances and to make comprehensive scientific research to Alimentary Induced Diseases financial possible.

Patients Foundation has more than 3 million members from all over the world, and they build websites and fora in their countries too.  All to share their knowledge, their obtained health research and sincere experiences.

Pati├źnten Stichting consists of:
– Anne-Margre Vink en Hippocrates Foundation
– VIDA Patient Platform and Forum
– Ziek door Voeding Team, translated Ill Due To Food Team and their website
– Vinkipedia Team of website

At their website , they give all information about Alimentary Induced Diseases and do post their personal testimonials and feedback.
Here they are able to report about their problems they are facing and all negative reactions they encounter.
As National Health Departments, pharma- and foodindustry do not take them seriously and refuse to give them information about added ingredients and additives in food and drugs.
Transparency is far away and industries do not need to report ingredients on their labels.
EU do not protect their inhabitants and the list of allergens is becoming shorter every year.

So it is allowed to mention – vegetal fets, aroma┬┤s and spices – in general without beeing specific, to keep it vague and unknown.
What if you have an incompatibility to sunflower seeds and so also its oil,┬áand on a lable they only mention – vegetal fats- , so drama thus.
For patients this is a must to know, now they cannot have these products, and do have unpleasant discussions in restaurants.
Further governments do even promote to use this sunflower oil in all restaurants and snackbars instead of animal -originated fats.

That is why they build their own website,, here they build together, step by step, a comprehensive database of aliments and its ingredients, to share and to exchange tips and own recipes. As food needs to be delicious!
This database is readable for everybody, but only accessible for VIDA members, they have a personal login code.
VIDA is really honest about food.